“Working with Elizabeth Waterstraat took my triathlon experience to an entirely new level; I only thought I knew what I was doing and in fact I have learned so much more than I imagined. Year after year, she has helped me achieve my goals, from PRs to podiums, and rebuilt me as a better athlete from top to bottom, training to nutrition to recovery to mental toughness. I’ve never known an individual so dedicated to continuing education and improving her skills and knowledge base and it absolutely shows in her tireless efforts to educate and improve everyone she coaches. She truly knows how to bring out the best in her athletes!”
-Molly McNamara, Colorado

Jen-and-liz-general Liz-and-Boys-general

“I would highly recommend Liz as a coach! I began working with Liz after being a triathlete for many years, and I was looking for a coach that would help me to get to the next level. In working with Liz I have learned a great deal about racing and myself and have continued to improve. She creates fun and challenging workouts and is very knowledgeable when providing feedback, etc. One of the most important things that I have learned from Liz is to be mindful of what I am doing and pay attention to the details in training and racing. She has vast experience with training and racing strategies and brings my attention to the details, which has made a great deal of difference. I feel like her competitive spirit and personality show through as she coaches as well. She connects to her athletes and is very responsive with feedback. If you are looking for a coach who is invested in your development and helping you to achieve your goals, Coach Liz is the one for you!!”
-Jen Scalise, Massachusetts

“I have been coached by Liz for over 5 years now, and every year I have become a more competitive and stronger athlete. She always finds ways to challenge me in workouts and gives great (and extremely timely) feedback and advice. I attribute this to how serious Liz takes her coaching profession. She is always up to date on the latest research and has a ton of resources specifically for her athletes regarding nutrition, heat management, mental preparation, etc. I have been extremely happy being coached by Liz for the last 5.5 years and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great coach.”
– Becca Cota, Minnesota

“In my first year coaching with Elizabeth, I really didn’t make it easy on her, attempting to come back from a knee surgery and a subsequent major medical crisis which had me lying in a hospital bed as late as mid-April. Elizabeth was undaunted and created an intelligent training schedule that took into account the annoying nuances of my medical condition and all the speed bumps I hit during my recovery. In a year where doctors told me I likely wouldn’t be able to race at all much less compete, Elizabeth’s smart coaching and patient support took me from a hospital bed to PRs at every distance, multiple age group podiums and an overall podium, an 11-hour first Ironman, qualification to the Ironman 70.3 World Championship and a USAT All-American designation. More importantly, I felt 100% prepared mentally and physically for every race I started, with nutrition plans and race plans that were practical, practiced and effective. I toed every start line healthy, confident and ready to race. Through it all, I’ve been wowed by Elizabeth’s wisdom, belly laughed repeatedly at her jokes, and been astonished by her responsiveness and attentiveness to helping me become the best athlete I can be. She’s simply amazing.”
– Mackenzie Yates, Washington D.C.

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“I have been working with Liz for about 2 years after racing middle of the age group pack for 8 years on my own. With more and more family and work demands on my time and the years ticking off I was was losing steam not wanting to plug away at the same old workouts getting less and less out of them. I got connected through Training Peaks and after talking with several coaches I immediately knew she was the right one to help me. I don’t aspire to race professionally but I feel I get the same personal treatment as any of her range of athletes. I’m setting new goals each year and have made more progress as a complete athlete over these past 2 years than I did the 8 years prior when I went in on my own. Every workout now has a purpose and the best part is *I can just focus on doing the work instead of worrying* about what the right progressions are, what training block is next, how hard do I push, and on and on… the sports are fun again, my times are improving, and I feel great!”
– Jeff Anderson, Ohio

“When I first started working with Liz, I was a very inexperienced, yet eager triathlete recovering from a major knee surgery and several years of inactivity due to a stressful and demanding career. Within a short two years, I found myself on the starting lines at both the Ironman World Championships in Kona and the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Vegas, accomplishments I never dreamed would be possible when I first started this sport. To say Liz was instrumental in my transformation as an athlete is putting it lightly – she was absolutely essential. Along with designing structured, smart, and flexible training plans that take into account my unique background, strengths, and weaknesses, she has worked tirelessly with me to improve the “other stuff” involved in being a complete athlete—nutrition, recovery, mental toughness, etc. Hiring Liz was the best decision I’ve made as an athlete, and in those moments before my biggest, most scary races, I’ve felt confidence just from having her in my corner.”
– Amanda Wendorff, Illinois

“Elizabeth helped me accomplish my biggest athletic goal (Austria 70.3), and experience one of the most memorable days of my life. Her daily advice was a priceless help to an amateur overtaking such a big attempt. By following her detailed training program, my bike performance improved significantly, while my running-tempo improved by an amazing 1min/km. Despite previous knee-injuries, I managed to stay healthy and strong throughout the training and the race. Elizabeth’s around-the-clock internet access overcame also our ocean-wide distance, and thanks to her, I always had someone to answer my questions. Finally, apart from the technical support, Elizabeth has been constantly one of my biggest supporters and believers, boosting up my athletic confidence and keeping me motivated until the finish line!”
-Dimitrios Kiousis, Austria and Sweden

Amanda Elizabeth-general

“In one year, Elizabeth has taken me from age grouper to professional triathlete. Every workout has a specific purpose which minimizes training time and maximizes performance. Her training techniques are tailored to each athlete’s needs and goals. The more important characteristic of her approach is her accessibility. Elizabeth promotes communication and responds to questions quickly. Hiring Elizabeth as a coach has been my wisest investment in triathlon!”
– Patrick Davis, Iowa

“I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone who wants to maximize their time and GET RESULTS. When I met Liz, I had been doing triathlons for several years and after some steady improvements, I had hit a major plateau and then a backslide and I could not figure out why. I was totally frustrated and tired of pouring my heart into training only to have results that were less than what I knew I was capable of. After taking a year off from any form of structured training, I was ready to jump back in, which is when I called Liz. She looked at the big picture of what had been going right for me and what had been going not so right, and then zeroed in on the details, everything from advising me to take a multivitamin to analyzing video of my swim stroke, and planning a training schedule that accommodated my unpredictable work schedule, and life events such as buying a house, moving, a fair amount of travel, and my wedding. I was skeptical at first because I was doing far less volume than I had in the past. What I quickly realized was that because every workout had a specific purpose, I was able to do more with less- less fatigue and less time. Instead of logging “junk miles” the majority of my miles were quality. Over the eight months I worked with Liz, I PR’ed in nearly every event I did, including shaving nearly 20 minutes of my PR for a half ironman! For the first time in my triathlon career, I was able to run during the run, instead of just survive, AND have a strong bike. In addition to being very knowledgeable about triathlon training and racing, Liz is a professional in every sense of the word. She was ridiculously timely in responding to my emails, she consistently validated and tried to get to the root of any of my concerns, and she was great about making last minute changes in my training plan as other life commitments unexpectedly arose. She also consistently made sure I had a plan for every race including pre- race and race nutrition and hydration. It was often hard to believe that she coaches dozens of other athletes because she always knew what I was up to. This was not the first time I have worked with a coach but it was the first time I have worked with a coach that was consistently available, accountable and willing to switch gears according to how I was responding to training.”
– Pam Sinel, Colorado


“Having a coach has taken out the guess work out of triathlon. Every workout has a purpose and Liz is excellent at keeping you focused on your goals. Each time I line up at the swim start, I patiently wait for the gun to go off knowing that my personalized training plan has prepared me to reach my goals. Her accessibility and response times to phone calls and emails are unparalleled. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was her only athlete.”
– Erich Wegscheider, Oregon

“I would definitely recommend Liz to anyone that is looking for a triathlon coach. While working with Liz, workouts are challenging, personalized, and have purpose. Her workouts have helped me become a stronger athlete. I feel prepared on race day knowing that I followed Liz’s well thought out plan for me. She has surpassed my expectations when it comes to coach-athlete communication. I am truly impressed!”
– Jill Bonniwell, Illinois

“I’d been running for several years, but earlier this year I decided to add cross-training as a way to help prevent running injuries and to become a better runner. I signed up for a half-ironman to keep me motivated in the water and on the bicycle. Then I realized the last time I biked or swam was when I was a kid, and I never swam, biked and ran consecutively in the same day! I knew Coach W had been coaching my good buddy, who had also starting training for triathlons for the first time. As the weeks and months went by in his training, I witnessed his transformation into a triathlete. I called Coach W, and we talked about life, goals and triathlons, and she’s been coaching me ever since. I was immediately impressed by Coach W’s attention to detail and responsiveness. She has the qualities that it takes to excel at anything she does, but for my sake I’m glad she decided to coach. Since our first meeting I’ve completed an Olympic distance triathlon, and the experience was great. I know it wouldn’t have been such a positive experience without the training and guidance of Coach Liz.”
– Vince Gnoffo, Illinois

Chris&Chris Kris&Molly

“Since working with Elizabeth, I have achieved performance levels beyond anything I could imagine. The season goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year have been shattered! I attribute this to the tailored and focused attention Elizabeth gives to me. It isn’t about cheerleading – it’s about comprehensive guidance and instruction from day to day. Each workout has a purpose and a goal, and those goals are made clear to me so that I approach the workout with the right frame of mind. Not just swim, bike, and run, but the mental game as well. It’s all part of the package.”
– Rachelle Little, Iowa

“I started working with Liz after a few years of trying to do my own training for triathlon. She came highly recommended from a very trusted source – my wife, who had been working with Liz for about a year.I’ve made tremendous progress as an athlete under Liz’s guidance. I’ve learned to push myself much harder in training. And I’ve learned the importance of recovering well. Every workout had a purpose and is tailored specifically to my goals.Working with Liz takes all the guesswork out of training. I couldn’t ask for a coach with more passion or dedication to helping her athletes improve in the sport.”
– Paul Tomlin, New Jersey

“I would give my highest recommendation to Liz’s coaching. A combination of her knowledge, her candid, honest advice, her extremely effective communication (despite the distance – I’m in Scotland!), and her understanding of life’s other commitments makes her such an asset to the triathlon community via her coaching. Her workouts are interesting and tailored to an individual’s specific needs (ie suggesting specific swim drills after watching videos of me swim). She has a very balanced approach to coaching, which is shown, as one example, because she emphasizes nutrition and the mental side of training in addition to the swimming, biking, and running. I’ve seen significant improvements in my fitness throughout my first season with Liz, and would highly recommend working with her to any athlete!”
– Laura Richards, Scotland


“You will not find a better coach. Elizabeth is smart, knowledgeable, and highly responsive. She designs excellent workouts that are tailored to your personal goals and work/life schedule. Elizabeth has been a pleasure to work with, and you would be lucky to have her as a coach.”
– Jeff Nichols, Illinois

“I have been with Coach Liz since February 2009 and without a doubt, I have seen a major impact on my level of fitness and competitive racing results! With her guidance, training and support, I set a new half-marathon PR in Nashville on a very hot and hilly course! In May I completed my first Olympic distance event and achieved my race goal of under 3 hours! Thankfully, she was racing the same event. When I saw the swim course distance I almost started to cry and wanted to back out of the race altogether. Liz calmed me down, got into the water with me, and helped me through a successful practice swim! I can honestly say that without her I might not have raced or I would have had a horrible swim! Liz’s dedication to her athletes and sport makes her a supportive, knowledgeable, and successful Coach! I highly recommend Multisport Mastery to any athlete, at any level!”
– Wendy Greenlaw, Tennessee

Unfortunately, I am too busy getting fast to write much about Liz. I am swamped with breaking through plateaus and pushing past limits. In between reading ahead about the awesome workouts she writes specifically for me, and then executing them, I have plenty to do. My schedule is very tight, so she uses my available training time so effectively that I feel she is as committed to my goals as I am. She packs quality into each and every workout, and yet understands the importance to me and my family of a well-placed rest day. It’s also hard to write testimonials when she has me so focused on my goals, both short and long term, though. Sadly, I don’t have the time to properly explain how she is leveraging her experience and knowledge to mold both my body and mind into a confident and powerful triathlete. I am too busy getting fast!
-Brandon Janosky, Missouri