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Camp Recap

By July 6, 2008July 6th, 2015No Comments

For those of you that were on holiday, I just got back from camp. All right camp was at my house for a week but it’s safe to say my house is back to normal and I am getting there too.

Looking for Monday entertainment? Go back and read through our camp updates. Looking for the abridged version? Here goes…

Boss sits by the woodwork in the dining room waiting for Ness. The two of them shared a special bond for the week. Don’t tell Jack or Finn but I believe Ness is sold on the small dogs.

Beth drinks more Diet Pepsi than anyone. ANYONE. Plus her husband likes to eat junk food. I don’t know him but I feel like I could sell him a seat at my dining room table for $25, serve him 10 bowls of cereal and he’d still feel like he came out ahead. And he’d have the math to prove it.

My husband loves to talk to women. I’m not sure if this is a blessing or a curse. He was like a young schoolgirl in the hallway the other night with Ness and Beth. As camp counselor, and the one that needed SLEEP, I had to tell all campers lights out and save the girls from my husband the (wo)man trap.

The bear Boss had been working on all week finally lost both arms. And lots of strings. Speaking of Boss, he is not allowed to leave zone 1 for the rest of the week. He spent too much time at threshold during camp and spent today sprawled on the floor. Resting heart rate elevated and on the edge of overtrained. He’s confined to major crate time all week long before he heads to Camp Schaller for the weekend away.

For some reason I found myself putting soy creamer into my coffee on Sunday. Ness? By the way, right now Ness is reading this blog in the west wing of her house. SiteMeter told me so.

There were lots of good times and memories. Read through the updates and have a good day…