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Going Up

By August 16, 2008July 6th, 2015No Comments

Do you love my pink backpack?

Hey, here we are at Gunstock – it’s a ski resort where most of the Timberman activities take place. Except the race. That actually takes place a few miles away at Ellacoya. We started out our day at Gunstock for the pro meeting. I convinced Chris he should sit in on the meeting with me – people bring their relatives with them all of the time. So he got to experience his first pro meeting. Afterwards he said “basically, don’t draft, right?”


Of course the meeting was filled with lots of superstars. One thing I’ve learned is that you just have to go into these meetings and races as a competitor, as part of the race – not someone starstruck by who’s at the race. You can’t expect to show up to a race and throwdown with someone and in the next step turn around and ask for a picture with them. And trust me it’s easy to get starstruck. Everyone at these meetings is a rockstar with the big cool sunglasses, lean legs and golden tans. Simon Lessing, Michael Lovato, Terrenzo Bozzone. Yes, all the hotties were there. How incredible to be sitting in the same room as legend Karen Smyers and Chrissis Wellington. Soon later a guy walked in, I looked at him and thought who is that? He was your standard tall, thin, jeans and a t-shirt kind of guy that I thought he was one of the pro’s husbands. Then Kim pointed out a little known athlete that wearing the t-shirt and jeans…one that went by the name of…Andy Potts.


After the meeting (don’t draft), we decided to take a ride on the chair lift. You know the one that carries you to the top of the mountain when you ski? Chris convinced me it would be fun. You should know that my husband grew up skiing in Colorado during winter breaks. On the other hand, I have only skiied once. In Wisconsin. And that totally doesn’t count. I agreed, however, and found myself on the chairlift (where is the safety belt?) literally frozen on the bench for fear that I would slip right under the lap bar. We kept going up…..and up…..

And then went up some more. I was ready to vomit. You know that feeling where your mouth gets really warm…kind of like the response when I say something like this:

Fried Clams, Lobster Rolls, Boston Chowda

Yes – kind of like when you hear that you just want to throw up in your mouth. That is how I felt and seriously wondered if at the top I could walk back down! But the view was well worth it.

Once at the top though I heard someone on the radio saying get as many as you can on the chairlift as soon as possible. Something you don’t want to hear from atop a mountain! A storm was blowing in and we had to go back down. But not before Chris snapped this shot of me and my backpack.

We made it back down in time. And the way back down was not as nauseating as the way up. But for the record, we went really far up and I don’t like heights! See?

Afterwards we went for a bike ride along the run course and checked our bikes into transition. Then I found this:

How much for the truck? And how soon in the morning will you be serving?

And now we rest! Tomorrow will come soon enough. Thanks for reading and before I go will leave you with this:

Clamcakes, Fried Oysters, Lobster Bisque

Need a bucket to throw up into yet?

PS – I noticed that every room in the Bed & Breakfast has a fireplace and above each one is a rifle. LIVE FREE OR DIE!