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Looking For Substitute Sherpa

By April 3, 2008June 9th, 2015No Comments

I am planning another BIG training block around the weekend of April 12th. My husband is getting ready for a short course race and Sherpa Thomas is racing. Therefore, I am seeking a male/female Sherpa stand-in companion looking to join me for 4 – 5 days of BIG training.

Things you should know:

1 – I require coffee every day.
2 – I require at least one piece of cake as reward for one epic day.
3 – I will wake you at 6 am each morning and force feed you oatmeal.
4 – I do not swim before 6:30 am unless it involves a race.
5 – I do not need a place to stay but if you give me a place to stay I will be a good house guest.
6 – I am allergic to cats and small children.
7 – I am willing to travel any distance (top priority is hot and hilly)

I am looking to bike up to 4 hours on some days. Swims can be with masters or separately. Open water is a plus. Running – I’m looking to chase someone that can drop sub 6:00 miles for their hard pace. As for swimming, I’m looking to chase someone that can hold sub 1:15 pace. Cycling – be willing to push the pace whatever it is.

I have some destinations in mind but thought I would just throw this out there. If you want to train or know someone that would train with me please contact me at ef1278 at yahoo dot com

I read this to my husband and he said “it sounds like a singles ad.” Please note I already have one husband and think that is quite enough. Plus the dog. I just want someone to train with for a few days.