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Sunday in Seattle

By December 7, 2008July 7th, 2015No Comments

Sunday was my last day in Seattle.

I woke up early to drive up to Bellevue for an early run with Jason.

There was a light rain this morning but the temperature was perfect. Jason led us along a scenic trail that winded up and down some small hills and through patches of tall evergreens. It was a really nice place to run and the conversation made the time go by. Not only that but my legs seemed to have remembered that I actually know how to run. It felt great.

Afterwards we met up with JHS to work on run form. JHS is a good runner she just doesn’t know it yet. I’m trying to tell her but she’s not the kind of gal that likes to be told things. She’s got to find it for herself. And she’ll find it when she starts looking for it. It’s actually right under her feet. As long as her feet fall directly under her body and she drives herself forward with each step.


Some work on swim form then more coffee. It’s safe to say after this weekend I’m over coffee for awhile. Yes, I think I might have to give it up to reset my system.

I returned to Pete’s place to find the usual – Anabel walking around busy with things that 14 month olds like to do – ask you “what’s that”, warn you what’s hot (today there was a cardboard box that was dangerously hot – or so I was told), acting most uninterested in all but one toy that they carry around with themselves.

We decided to do some Christmas shopping for Annabel. First we headed to Target and picked out the most fabulously fashionable pink boots. Pete picked them out. Then he picked out some cool clothes for her. A trip to the bookstore for some baby books. Bought some diapers too.

Back at home, Pete and Melissa got ready for a holiday party. They left me with Annabel. Right now she is napping. And when she wakes up I know she will be ready for food. I’m prepared for a full on tofu and prunes war. That is what we are serving tonight. Melissa said if I was prepared for a mess I could also serve her yogurt.

I’m ready. Bring it on.

Tomorrow I go back home. I hear that it’s about 1 degree in Chicago. Gee I can’t wait. I’ll admit that driving back from Bellevue I was completely caught up in the beauty of this place. The sky was most intriguing blue and gray, tall evergreens stood in the background. Several groups of cyclists were riding – probably their Sunday morning group ride – and I was…sad. My wheels won’t touch pavement for another few months. Who am I kidding – for about half a year.

I’ll wrap this up with something I read yesterday. It’s from a book about Tao Tse Ching. Pete studied theology in college and his shelves are filled with all sorts of big thinking books. I liked this:

One who understands others is clever
One who understands himself has clarity
One who wins out over others has power
One who wins out over himself is strong.

Knowing others is intelligent.
Knowing yourself is enlightened.
Conquering others takes force.
Conquering yourself is true strength.
Knowing what is enough is wealth.
Forging ahead shows inner resolve.
Hold your ground and you will last long.

On cue, Annabel just woke up. Time for a yogurt war. I better put my goggles and swim cap on.