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By March 20, 2008June 9th, 2015No Comments
I met Sarah Hobbs from at a race a few years ago and figured anyone that can run that fast – I want to be a part of their team! Great supporters, great store. Triathletes that know the triathlon industry. If you are looking for it, they have it. Not only that but they will get it to you quick. Customer service is superb and their closeouts can’t be beat.

Power Bar
Sponsor since 2003 – before I even accomplished anything big! Very generous supporters with high quality products that work. Whether it’s my training plan or Ironman nutrition plan you can be sure Power Bar products are a part of it. Plus I find myself even craving chocolate gels
when I’m not training.

Rudy Project

Rudy Project Sports glasses that do their job – keep the sun, bugs and sweat out of your eyes plus look cool. Very durable – you can run over them and barely get a scratch. Trust me.

Flex Power

Anything that enhances recovery, I’m all for it! Cream that you put on your sore muscles and I swear it feels warm and good!

Wicked Fast
Supplement that promote recovery. Take these after a hard workout, race or daily and it quickens recovery and leaves your legs feeling like nothing happened yesterday.

You’ll never see me racing without a hat or visor and Headsweats makes the best! High quality hats, visors, and head products to keep your head cool and sweat-free.





The School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology that is. I’ve known Michael McAleese for years – a great person, a triathlete himself who understand the needs of triathletes. You will literally melt into the massage table. And then you will fall asleep. He will work the bad stuff out and leave you feeling good. Located in Downers Grove, Illinois.

TP Massage Therapy Products

Therapeutic self-massage products that help keep you functional and feeling good. I love the ball!

Naperville Running Company and Asics

Top notch running retailer located in Naperville. Kris and his crew know running shoes because they are runners that live in running shoes. They are dedicated runners that have impressive race histories and know their stuff. Asics has been a very generous supporter – and they are the only shoes I will use for training and racing!

You know the cool bags? Yes, that’s them! Laptops, gym clothes, gear – you can put anything in these bags plus they look really cool.