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Traces of Ironman

By October 16, 2007June 8th, 2015No Comments

Traces of Ironman are disappearing around Kona along with the triathletes. Most of what is left are inspirational chalk scribbles in the street of Alii Drive urging racers to push it or leave nothing behind and a few Ironman banners.

Tomorrow we also leave. We have spent the past two days indulging in a steady overfed diet of food, drink, and indolence. As for exercise, it is completely off the menu for quite some time. Unless you count floating in the ocean with goggles to look for colorful fish.

Other triathletes seem to have a harder time letting go of the exercise. We have counted numerous triathletes biking or running along Alii Drive still wearing their yellow wristbands. First of all – you have been wearing the band for nearly a week. Cut it off already. Second of all – as for the exercising thing – give it a rest. Go eat a cinnamon bun for crying out loud. Eat two. I did. Even Sam McGlone was at Lava Java the day after the race eating a giant cinnamon bun. If it works for her best you believe it will work for you too. Third – running – are you for real? Anyways, I couldn’t imagine running right now. Unless it didn’t involve my feet. Speaking of feet, I haven’t even really looked at them. I can barely shove them in my shoes. And my legs – they are so swollen right now it is funny to think one week ago I felt fitter than ever now I feel like a swollen Italian sausage. Thank you Ironman.

Celebrity spottings have gone way down. I suspect most pro’s leave the island soon after the race to get on with their rest, recovery, and life. At the beach bar last night, Desiree F. enjoyed some live music. This afternoon, Joanna Lawn ate lunch at Lava Java with her husband at the table next to us. And Andrea Fisher was checking out the on sale merchandise in the tri store. Tim Hola was wheeling his twins along Alii Drive with his wife. And two new adorable celebrities that I got to meet this week – Bree Wee at the race start and Rachel Ross after the race.

Ironman Hawaii has come to a close and life back in Chicago is waiting. I will post a race report by Thursday with all of the details of my day long race adventure in Kona. I also have many photos. They are in an online album that I would be happy to share. So, if you’d like to see my photos just send your email address and I’ll invite you to the album.