Multisport Mastery’s Coaches

Liz Waterstraat

Liz Waterstraat is the founder of Multisport Mastery, Inc. and a certified USA Triathlon Level II Coach, Training Peaks Certified Coach, Lydiard Foundation Level II Coach, USMS/ASCA Level 3 Swim Coach and USMS Adult Learn to Swim Coach with nearly 20 years of competitive and coaching multisport experience. An accomplished athlete with consistent top performances, Liz has personally achieved 28 overall wins, 30 age group wins, over 30 top-3 overall finishes, over 50 top-3 age group finishes and over 25 world championship qualifications.

Since the inception of Multisport Mastery in 2007, Coach Liz has worked with hundreds of athletes, beginner to advanced, all ages, from all around the world. Through a detailed approach aiming to develop both body and mind, Liz has developed athletes from amateur to elite, beginner to world About - Chicago Area Triathlon Coachingchampion. Liz provides each athlete with a customized training plan supplemented with the support, education and motivation to bring out each athlete’s very best. As a full-time business owner, well-accomplished multisport athlete and parent of two children, Liz understands the unique challenges of those balancing their athletic goals with real life demands.

Whether you’re looking to finish your first Ironman or stand atop the world championship podium, Liz has the knowledge, experience and passion to help you reach your goals.

Coach Liz’s Athletic Accomplishments

  • North American Ironman Age Group Champion
  • 3x top 10 age group finishes, Ironman World Championship Kona
  • 4x Ironman World Championship Kona qualifier
  • Age group wins at Muncie 70.3, Eagleman 70.3, San Juan 70.3, Buffalo Springs 70.3, Ironman Texas
  • Overall win at Steelhead 70.3
  • Top 5 age group, 70.3 World Championship
  • 4x USA Triathlon National Long Course Overall Champion
  • 2x USA Triathlon National Long Course Age Group Champion
  • 10x USA Triathlon All-American
  • Ironman All World Athlete (Gold)
  • Named one of USA Triathlon’s Amateur Triathletes of the Year
  • ITU Duathlon World Championship age group silver medal
  • 4x top 10 finishes at 70.3 races as a professional triathlete

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Amanda Wendorff

Amanda April

Amanda Wendorff joined the coaching staff for Multisport Mastery in 2015.  Working with Amanda as an athlete, observing her on deck coaching swim for children and adults, and knowing of her background as a swimming and running coach, Coach Liz identified Amanda as having the passion, skills and knowledge to enhance the value and offerings at Multisport Mastery.

Amanda brings with her an impressive background as a successful long-time competitive athlete as well as knowing how to patiently guide athletes through the rewarding process of goal attainment – whether as a complete beginner, advanced athlete or those returning from injury.  As a corporate litigator, she also understands and can navigate the complexities of balancing training and demanding careers.

As a certified USA Triathlon Level I coach and Ironman University Certified Coach, Amanda blends her competitive skills and experience with a large knowledge base. An Age Group 70.3 World Champion, 3 x Kona participant, and now professional-level triathlete,  she also has first-hand experience in what it takes to develop from a complete rookie to a high-performing athlete.

Coach Amanda’s Athletic Accomplishments

  • Ironman 70.3 Age Group World Champion
  • 3rd in AG, Ironman World Championship Kona
  • Ironman Arizona overall amateur champion
  • Overall wins at San Juan 70.3, Racine 70.3, Texas 70.3
  • Top 3 overall finishes at Auckland 70.3, Muncie 70.3 Challenge New Albany
  • 3x Ironman World Championship Kona qualifier
  • 5x Ironman finisher
  • 4x USA Triathlon All-American
  • Ironman All World Athlete (Gold)
  • 7 top 10 overall finishes in her rookie pro season

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Kara Bruzan

Kara Bruzan is a long-time athlete with passion and enthusiasm for endurance sports and health. Kara’s varied health interests and constant quest to stay atop the latest health and nutrition research fuel her fire to help others reach their potential. As a certified Diet Doc Coach, Sports Nutrition Specialist and USA Triathlon Level I Coach, Kara is prepared to guide athletes toward their best performance, physique and health-related goals. Kara has a special interest in providing off-season weight management, race day fueling, individualized strength training and multisport training plans. With personal experience in a variety of multisport events, Kara is equipped to coach athletes for obstacle courses, Spartan races, mud runs, adventure races as well as triathlons.

Coach Kara’s Athletic Accomplishments

  • 4x Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier
  • Top 10 age group, 70.3 World Championship
  • Top 3 age group finishes at Racine 70.3, Steelhead 70.3, Kansas 70.3
  • 4x Ironman Finisher
  • 3x USA Triathlon All-American
  • 4x Boston Marathon Qualifier & 12x marathon finisher
  • Over 15 age group wins at running races in 2015
  • Ironman All World Athlete (Gold)
  • Illinois State Road Race Champion

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Valerie Chang

ValValerie Chang is a consistently high performing athlete who brings an eager drive to the sport of triathlon.  Valerie first joined Multisport Mastery as an athlete in 2011.  Newer to triathlon at the time, she came to the sport with a competitive swimming and endurance running background.  Under Elizabeth’s guidance, her own dedication and self-study, Valerie has developed the knowledge, determination and skill to compete at the top amateur level in all multisport distances.

Valerie joined the Multisport Mastery coaching staff in 2015.  As a certified USA Triathlon Level 1 coach, Valerie is dedicated to helping each athlete reach his or her physical goals by combining her understanding of the athlete, knowledge of the sport and her personal experiences. She provides an individualized plan and ongoing feedback to each athlete she works with, from youth to adult, beginner to experienced athlete.  As a competitive athlete, new mother, and elementary school literacy coach (and former teacher), Valerie understands what it takes to balance big athletic goals, with both a family and professional life.

Coach Val’s Athletic Accomplishments

  • Top 10 age group finisher, Ironman Wisconsin
  • Top 3 age group finishes at Rev3 Cedar Point 70.3 and Ironman Kansas 70.3
  • Ironman 70.3 World Championship qualifier
  • 4x USA Triathlon Olympic-Distance National Championship qualifier
  • 2x USA Triathlon All-American
  • Ironman All World Athlete (Gold)
  • Over 15 top 3 age group finishes in triathlon and running races

To read more about what we’ve accomplished with our athletes, visit our RESULTS page