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By October 8, 2008June 8th, 2015No Comments

We have arrived! After 9 hours of uneventful flying, we arrived in Kona last night.

This morning, we headed down to the pier to swim. Chris said it looked like race day! Athletes everywhere, Gatorade tents…..the water was amazing! Unlike last year, it was crystal clear. It was almost too distracting. There were schools of fish, black, yellow, lots of fish everywhere. The water felt great. I found Chris’ feet and boarded the Waterstraat-choo-choo all the way out and back. We even picked up a few friends. Of course, what would the swim in Kona be without someone tugging at my feet? We stopped at one point at a buoy, I looked behind me and there were two guys just hanging out behind me, kind of waiting for the train to start again. It almost got derailed when a few overzealous and overkicking athletes went by us but that’s just how Kona is.

Anyways, it was funny to be back in the ocean. I had not one moment of freak out. I kept saying to myself – you did this last year and there’s nothing to overcome. Oh, except the saltwater and the swells. But really it was pretty calm. And I realized you can spit out water faster than you take it in so the water in my mouth wasn’t bad.

When we got out, Chris realized a certain very speedy someone was leaning on his beach towel. Uh, Mr. Normann I don’t care how fast you are get off our towel! He wiped his face in it before he gave it back. Chris should probably sleep with that towel for good luck.

Walking to Lava Java, in other name dropping news, we saw a very fit and pink Michellie (I’ve never seen her wear anything but pink) and Natascha ridding down Alii Drive with her one man entourage.

Which brings me to my next point. Before we leave this island, I told Chris we WILL have an entourage. We will find about 3 – 4 people to wear matching shirts and walk behind us. Because that seems to be in style. And Crocs. Lots of Crocs out here. LOTS of Europeans. And lots of fast suits. EVERYONE is wearing those Blue Seventy suits. Funny on the swim we kept getting passed by those people… I guess there might be something to those suits.

In case you’re wondering, I am drinking coffee right now and it is hot outside. But it’s Hawaii. And anything less – from myself or the weather – just wouldn’t be right.

I just realized it is our two year wedding anniversary today. How bad are we to forget? But I guess we have something else on our mind. I was thinking while I saw swimming that I was in the middle of one of the best moments of my life. Seriously – I’m in Kona, with my husband, swimming in the beautiful ocean and right on his feet.

Now that’s the best anniversary present anyone could get.