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By November 30, 2006June 3rd, 2015No Comments

Last week, I was notified that I won the Best Triathlon Blog 2006. And now I get to display this cool logo on my site for all the world to see. All right, for all 10 of you to see.

Thank you to all that voted for me! In other words, thanks to my coach who voted for me about 200 times, and my brother for pulling in the Seattle contingent, and for Mira for getting all of Arkansas to lend her their laptops, and for my co-workers for discovering yet another reason to call me crazy. Seriously, though, for those that did vote – thank you!!

What a great honor and surprise. It’s a big responsbility to bear and hopefully I won’t disappoint. But there are no guarantees.

For those of you that are new – this is a blog about triathlon, duathlon, and daily life. In no particular order. Sometimes I deviate and sometimes I’m right on track. In any case, this is my blog with my opinion, my thoughts, and what’s on my mind. If I offend you, I apologize in advance. If I make you laugh, it makes me happy. If I bore you, go back through my archives and read another blog. If I still bore you, get the hell out of my blog!

I try to post every week day but sometimes nothing strikes interest in my mind. So if you have a topic on your mind send it my way and I’ll see what I can do.

I’m excited that I’ve picked up a lot of new readers. You have been busy posting and e-mailing me. I enjoy getting to know you. So keep talking!

Until then, keep reading and I’ll keep writing.

Thanks again – Elizabeth