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Another Day At Camp

By March 1, 2008June 9th, 2015No Comments

Another day at camp.

We woke up feeling “ok” and started at the grocery store. Really it was just a coffee trip in disguise but alas our plan was foiled due to a local 10K that had the roads closed down. To the grocery store where the produce man said you ladies comin’ back from your walk? No sir, just a triple workout through the four corners of hell yesterday.

A breakfast of oatmeal and coffee then off to ride. Today, the EPIC climb that we were warned about over and over again, described to us as the birthing canal or some other vaginal reference that probably should have been left unsaid in the first place.

Somewhere in the foothills of South Carolina or North Carolina – at some point we crossed the state line but let me tell you a junkyard dog and lawn decor is the same no matter which way you go around here, north or south. We warmed up a whopping 15 minutes then found ourselves at the bottom of the epic climb. 12 – 25 couldn’t save my legs. My head was like yes, let’s climb. My quads were like, hey let’s pass. So I admit defeat.

I turned around. In the words of Star Wars, this was not the climb I was looking for today.

Mary joined me – thanks sister – and then Ashley and Leslie did eventually too. Marit rode up on her back wheel alone and Jen made it to the top fueled by whatever goes through her head – thoughts of M&Ms for sure. And that’s what makes an epic climb epic and they are strong, tough, amazing for not just making it up but surviving the descent.

The rest of the day maybe I was a little mad at myself or maybe just finally warmed up but I rode the hills hard off the front and punished myself and my legs for not cooperating at the same time. Marit said I was dancing up the hills on my pedals. I wasn’t shooting for the cha cha but if that’s how it looked well I wish I could say that’s how it felt. Because somewhere in the foothills of the carolinas you will find pieces of my quads and ego scattered along the road. And at no point did that feel like a dance. Trust me.

3 hours 45 minutes and finally we were done. Marit and Leslie rode another million miles before we whisked them into the van and said ENOUGH it is time to eat. We went to eat still dressed in our workout gear. Oh yes, we are Camp Hot Fun for sure. Please. If anyone posts pictures of the way we looked today I have pinky sworn to take them up the birthing canal and throw their digital camera off the top.

Now we are sitting and resting. Somebody just confessed that their husband has a man crush, someone consumed an entire bag of peanut butter M&M’s, someone is dreaming about coffee tomorrow.

Somewhere Bree W. just cringed.

To set the record straight I did not cry at camp. But camp is not yet over yet. So one can never tell. Because there is a long run tomorrow on some tricky trails. Part of me can’t wait part of me is wondering if going to the camp infirmary with poison ivy will get me out of this.

I’m just kidding. Because it’s camp. For crying out loud ladies, harden the heck up. In fact, let’s go climb that birthing canal again. Then again, we’ve been riding for two days now so we best keep our birthing canals under wraps. Know what I mean?

Someone pass the M&M’s!