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Camp Update

By July 2, 2008July 6th, 2015No Comments

I love camp. I want to come again next year. Oh wait, it’s at my house. So next year you are all invited. I will cook for you, Jen will talk, Beth will ice everyone with frozen peas and Ness will watch all of our dogs.

Ness was up early. The dog whisperer she is scoring big points for taking Boss to do his morning business. A bit of coffee. Ok, a lot of coffee and then Jen arrives. Oatmeal, walnuts, raspberries. Oatmeal got the works today.

Then, the track. In true Illinois style it was over 80 degrees, piping hot, humid and windy. Ah, a typical day at the track for me. Want to complete break down mentally? Go to the track on a hot day and suffer through your workout. You won’t PR, you might pee yourself and you will walk away thinking why was I so slow. Just where you need to be, eh? Conditions today were perfect for my steady time trial. Jen and Beth did the same workout and Ness had her own workout.

Sweat was flying, legs were turning over fast and teeth were gritting. Beth is a machine. Legs like piston, a mahine moving along the track. Jen chased with fury. Ness put herself in a hurt box and shipped herself 3.5 miles later to the white line in lane 1. My time trial was right about what I wanted and it felt good today. I kept thinking to myself to be smooth, fluid, move like water across glass. I love using imagery on the track. It distracts me and gives me a center to focus on when the legs feel they will fall apart.

Jen tried to convince us she was not a control freak. Then she told us who she would do, draft, drop. Then we were sworn to secrecy. Beth’s watch keeps beeping. We are not sure why. I think it means something – near explosion? Time for Diet Pepsi? You thought I was bad with coffee? This girl was drinking Diet Pepsi at 9:30 pm CST. She’s from the east coast!

And now we will have coffee (again). A trip to the dog park. And if the storms hold off – an open water swim in the lake.

Camp is fun, good and no one has poison ivy yet. I’m thinking I should have camp here more often. I don’t have to do anything but clean my house once a month in exchange to host cool triathletes that push me and keep training fun.

Who’s in?