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Day 3 – Are You Feeling It?

By March 15, 2008June 9th, 2015No Comments

I am stuffed.

My legs are stuffed with pain. My eyes are burning. My stomach is full of cake.

It has been a long day and now I am ready to rest. I think I am in company that is also ready to rest. There are many weary eyes and tired legs.

Cat, Marit and I went shopping this afternoon. Finally! We spent some time at Nytro while Cat ostracized their clothing selection and demanded to talk to their buyer. The best was when she pulled an item off the hanger, put it on and then informed all around about its fuh-gly features and why the item should promptly be burned. She didn’t stop there. Someone needs to make a television show where Cat goes into a store, picks up the most heinous item and then tells you why it should be banned. I’ve never laughed so much during shopping.

The boys ate three dinners each. Cat joined us and gave us her best impression of Brown Chicken Brown Cow. Then we went to the store and spent 20 minutes selecting slices of cake. Thomas just settled for an entire cake.

Now Marit is talking in Czech. She had two diet cokes at dinner which I suspect will either keep her up all night or make her wet the bed.

Chris isn’t even talking. Which is rare. I suspect he is tired. Actually I just looked at him and he is sleeping in a chair. Then Thomas said something about a bike and he jolted awake. He went from asleep to talking full speed about brakes. His brain never stops with the bikes.

Thomas is on his fifth piece of cake. He even dug into my cake for which I cried foul and then told him it was the reason he was still single. Never dive into a woman’s cake. He told me it takes more than that to stay a single man.

We just played Name That Body Part. You name a body part and if you’re feeling it right now you say ‘feeling it’. There is not a body part – not a single body part – that we are not feeling right now.

And I am feeling ready for bed. Tomorrw we are going to swim. I received a frantic message from my coach that tomorrow we must get into the pool. In the spirit of Jen, I have put together a fabulous workout with a mainset that should make Thomas cry. Because he has never cried. And to get the most out of this trip he will need a cry.

I haven’t cried either. I’m not sure anymore what it will take. I’ve felt so many levels of pain in the past few months that after enough times you realize it’s just mind over matter anyways. It’s all in your head – the tangible and intangible pain. You can push it away. You can talk yourself into it or out of it. You learn to welcome and seek out the pain.

Holy crap Marit just broke out in the giggles. The overtired slap happy giggles that leave you rolling on the floor. She can’t believe Chris and Thomas are talking about shaving legs. Theirs, not ours. She listens intently for shaving tips. Now she is giggling again.

I should have cut her off at the first Diet Coke.

It’s going to be a long night. For Marit, for sure.