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December 2015 Featured Athlete

By December 19, 2015No Comments

Multisport Mastery is pleased to announce the December 2015 featured athlete:

Lisa Rechkemmer

Lisa Two

We caught up with Lisa as she vacationed after completing Ironman Cozumel in late November.

Coach Liz:  How did you get started in triathlon?

Lisa:  I was a 4 sport athlete in high school and a 3 sport athlete in college. After college I continued to stay active but missed being an athlete.  I didn’t start in triathlon until 5 years ago at age 45.  A knee problem had kept me from running for almost 20 years and I didn’t even think it was possible. To think I just finished my 2nd Ironman is still a bit hard to believe. And I love being an athlete again!

Coach Liz:  What prompted you to work with a coach?

Lisa: I started by participating in group training for a sprint triathlon. I really wanted to compete in longer races so moved to online training but knew I needed more. I attended the Ironman Sports Medicine Conference in Kona that is held the week before the Ironman World Championship. Each year at the end of the conference they draw one name from the conference attendees to compete at Kona the following year. My name was pulled first! Unfortunately that year they decided the first name drawn would be the runner up. I would only get to compete if the winner couldn’t race. Immediately I knew I needed help!  As soon as I got home from Hawaii I started looking for a coach. Liz was highly recommended by a couple of more experienced people I knew in the sport. While I didn’t get the opportunity to race in Hawaii that year I did complete my first Ironman. Working with Liz took my workouts and results to another level.

Coach Liz:  Tell us about your 2015 season.

Lisa:  The focus this season for me was all about  Ironman Cozumel. I was lucky enough to qualify for the Olympic Distance National Championships this year which was a fantastic experience. However, the key race was my late season Ironman. This year was about making the time and commitment to consistently train and to push myself harder than I had in the past. Ironman Cozumel went well and my training paid off in a 40 minute PR.

Coach Liz:  What’s one thing you’ve accomplished with a coach that you didn’t think was possible?

Lisa:  I think nearly everything I have accomplished the last couple of years wouldn’t have been possible without Coach Liz! If I had to choose one thing I think it would be completing my first Ironman. Last year I completed Ironman Louisville on an extremely hot day. When I got to the run nearly every single person on the course was walking the marathon. With Liz’s guidance and coaching I passed a couple hundred people on that run. It wasn’t because I was faster it was because I managed the day better.

Coach Liz:  What is your favorite part of triathlon training?

Lisa:  I absolutely love triathlon training! The ability to continue to learn and improve in three very different sports is amazing. In working with Coach Liz I really feel like I learn something new each week. Sometimes I think how crazy it is that as a 50 year old I am still learning and becoming a better athlete.

Coach Liz:  As Lisa’s coach of the past few years, I admire Lisa’s ability to stay fully engaged in her training program. More than just getting the workouts done, Lisa asks questions and pushes for more challenge. She frequently communicates, sets the bar high and, not surprisingly, reaches her goals. She is one of the most positive and persistent athletes I know – not because her training is flawless or without interruption but because she has the remarkable ability to stay the path, manage her day to day details and keep her eye on the big picture. Along her Ironman Cozumel training journey, she encountered a calf injury; a true test of her resilience, commitment and attitude.  Without hesitation, Lisa quickly moved past “how did this happen” to “what can we do now” – an opportunity to explore other ways to maintain her run fitness which resulted in a 40 minute PR! Lisa has been a pleasure to coach over the past few years and proves that we can become wiser, smarter and continue to chase the best version of ourselves no matter what. Congratulations on a stand out season, Lisa. We’re looking forward to what 2016 brings!