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Decisions, Decisions

By November 5, 2007June 8th, 2015No Comments

Saturday night, I had a dream. It was about Ironman.

I was in the race in some small town. As I got on to my bike I realized I had forgotten my sunglasses. I propped my bike against a store front, went back to the bags and asked the volunteer to find my glasses. I remember waiting. He came running towards me with my bag and started digging for my sunglasses and finally found them. As I ran back to my bike I realized it was gone. I looked around and saw some man riding away with my bike. I noticed it because it looked ridiculously small on him. At this point I realized I was in a foreign country with small shop fronts along a cobblestone street and this man had taken my bike thinking it would be a fine way to get around town. There were other people on bikes just moving around the town. I called after him and said that’s my bike!

Then I woke up.

That was bizarre. But perhaps just another reason why I should not spend an entire day watching Ironmanlive. And certainly not a sign. Anyways, I got up after that dream and thought perfect morning for a swim. WOW I missed my swimming. Did you hear that Jen, I missed the pool. I missed the smell of the pool, all of my pool toys. I missed the feel of the water and the quiet when you are underneath. I missed the black line. I got to the pool just as the gym opened. Got my own lane, swam, and it felt about 1 percent less awkward than the day before. Which means I’m still slow but I’ll get there. The best thing about time off is that it leaves you more driven than ever to start pursuing your goals.

After the swim I rewarded myself with hot tub time. The day before the hot tub smelled like a mixture of baked socks and dirty sponge. Today it had a peculiar film across the top of it but once the bubbles got stirring I decided to take the risk. Immersed myself in the hot water and did a little stretching.

Few minutes later, I just sat and enjoyed my peaceful time. Actually I was thinking about Ironman. You see, earlier that morning I checked my e-mail and found a very early morning comment on my blog from Miss Mary I just went 10-something at Ironman Florida Eggers. She had planted the seed in my head of doing Ironman Florida next year – in her words, do all the 70.3’s you want and then do late season IMF. I was barely awake, decaffeinated and therefore thinking that might be a good plan.

So I sat there in the hot tub stewing in bubbly water and stewing about IMF. How it would work out. When I would need to start the real IM training. What I enjoyed about IM training, what I did not enjoy. Did I want to do it again.

Lost in my thoughts, I almost did not notice the man. The man that just walked into the hot tub area wearing a very familiar shirt. Hmmm…..I’ve seen that shirt before. And then all of a sudden a song started playing in my head. That’s funny. That’s my Ironman song. A song I listened to about a million times in the weeks and days leading up to the race. A song I haven’t heard since.

Then it hit me. This man, he was wearing an Ironman Hawaii jersey. The one with the palm trees from last year.

Oh no.

If I wasn’t so superstitious I’d say that wasn’t a sign but I know better than that. Someone sent this man here. Perhaps it was Mary Eggers and Jennifer Harrison working in tandem, still in Florida, locating this man and sending him in. A tremendous effort, girls, from so faraway.

I would be remiss if I said that it didn’t get me to think about it some more. In fact, that’s what I thought about as I got ready for coffee with my mom. Another highlight of my day – not just the morning swim – but coffee with my mom in which she sat across from me and said:

“I read your blog from yesterday. And I thought to myself oh no. I thought you were done with Ironman.”

True, mom, that may have been what I said. But, Ironman Florida is different. It’s not as bad as Kona. I hear myself saying this and I think to myself you are nuts. Elizabeth you are nuts. You have completely left your marbles on some side of the road in Kona and now are officially nuts. Call in Dr. Nuts because you are going to need help.

I told my mom I would consider it for awhile. And I was meeting with my coach on Tuesday so at that point she would help me make some sense. Mom did not seem reassured because she has seen this side of me before. The side that says when Elizabeth gets an idea in her head…..well, look out.

Anyways, I know I’m not supposed to make any major decisions right now about anything that could bring upon a major life change – like pets, or Ironman, or babies, or hair. Which brings me to my next point. My mom and I went to look at puppies the other day. I know I don’t need a pet but something about this little Chihuahua said “you want me to be your pet.” I just liked the way he rolled. He had a lot of personality for such a little dog. And that is why I named him Boss. Right after I named him, I found out he was on sale. From $1199 to $1099. And then I named him Not Mine.

Besides, Ironman is a much cheaper major life choice.

But still puppies are so cute. So I took a picture of Boss with my phone and sent it to Chris. A few hours later, I got a text reply that said DO NOT BUY. Chris was driving home from mountain biking with the EvilScottTwin who said there is no other explanation for this other than Liz is nesting.

Nesting or not, at least take a look? Chris did. Later that evening, we returned to the pet store. Chris is also convinced – there is something about this dog. There we sat in the kennel of buy-me-now with Boss running around. He is playful and takes a pee. He runs back and forth and then takes a poo. He steals my heart. He is small and soft and has fur the color of wheat. Which is perfect for me because I like my whole grains.

We sit watching Boss and think about perhaps the biggest decision we have ever made. So we call in back-up – Chris’ younger sister MegMeg. When it comes to impulse shopping MegMeg is our big gun. She is the impetus in impulse. She is the now in now or never. I am the never. Anyways, we send MegMeg a picture of Boss and 10 minutes later she joins us in the store. She says we have to buy. And she has support from Chris’ parents – they also said we should buy. In fact, she should buy two because dogs are better in packs.

Three of us, in this little puppy holding kennel for people and their possibly new pets while we stir and stir about buying the Boss dog. And then I think about all the trips away. And the long bike rides. The late night masters swims. And poor little Boss in his crate for hours on end.

Decisions, decisions. We walk out of the store empty-handed. A very fitting end to a very thought-filled day. I am still not sure in my heart that I need puppy nor another Ironman. So many decisions to be made.

But about both I guess I’ll just wait for another sign. Or until a man walks by me wearing a Chihuahua shirt mumbling something about an ironman.