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Dig The Pig

By August 18, 2006June 2nd, 2015No Comments

It is time to dig the pig!

This weekend, I’m heading out to Iowa for the Pigman Triathlon.

I know – Iowa. But don’t be fooled. The hills, yes HILLS, and heat of Iowa can be deceptively hard. Plus, all of the corn can make your mind very confused. You’ve seen Children of the Corn, right?

The weather forecast looks great – a high of 77. How often do you get to do a ½ IM in those conditions?

Plus I will get to see my separated sister, Leslie Curley.

The women’s field is stacked. I am doing the elite wave and to my delight I will be joined by pro’s Malaika Homo and Heather Gollnick. But then again how often do you get to race against a pro?

The men’s field is just as stacked with Mark Carey, David Thompson, Michael Boehmer.

All proof that if you wave $1100 to the winner it will draw a crowd of talented triathletes.

The best part is that I’m bringing my mom which will surely result in several stories filled with chuckles. As a sneak preview, she’s bringing – as she puts it – her “special chair for events.” I’ll write more on that later.

We’re driving out to Galena tonight to stay at a wonderful bed and breakfast. I’ll tank up on breakfast in the morning before enjoying some shopping and then heading out to Cedar Rapids to preview the course.

In the meantime, Chris will be back at home on pooch patrol with Cookie. He can’t wait!

So here’s to the pig. Be nice to me, Iowa. We’ve got history together. I know your hills, I know your corn. I’ve got 5 years of Ragbrai in my legs and that’s got to be good for something!