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Finding My Formula

By September 10, 2008July 6th, 2015No Comments

Is there a formula for success? Is there a way to reach your goals?

Often we look outside for these answers but it seems the answer is already within ourselves. Revisit a time when you had a breakthrough workout or set a personal best in a race. See yourself in action again. Now, ask yourself what you see – how did this person look, feel and act?

Make a list of those qualities. Now think ahead to your next goal. Read through your list again. Tell yourself this is what it takes. It does not take inordinate talent to be driven, confident and strong. Anyone can do these things. How do you know? Because you have been there before. The answers are already in yourself.

I made my own list. Lately I read it often. Here is what I see. And so looking ahead to the next workout, the next race, I ask myself:

Am I…

Accepting the challenge

Being patient


Believing I have a good chance

Speaking only in positives

Letting go

Anticipating success

Making good decisions
Visualizing myself at my best

Facing my fears

Surrendering to the process
Confident in my abilities

Acting independently
Becoming better than myself


Committed to my vision


Optimistic about the outcome
Getting out of my own way

Trusting my training
Finding the rhythm

Open to the possibility
At peace with the pain
Full of faith
Hanging on as others let go
Expecting the best


Executing my plan

Remaining in control

Fully focused on the goal

Connected to the course
Seeing obstacles as opportunities
Writing my own ending
Mindful along the way

Saying YES I CAN

Testing limits
Feeling the power of my beliefs

Doing everything I can to arrive

Courageous enough to face the outcome, whatever it may be

Finding your formula means revisiting your success, acknowledging what it took and committing to getting there again. These past few weeks I have been finding my way back to my formula. I have been all of those qualities before. I still am. Each day I strive to be one more of those things so I am ready for that one experience where it all comes together and I am everything. It can happen. Again, revisit your success. You will see it’s already in there.