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Live Free

By August 15, 2008July 6th, 2015No Comments

Hill repeats, anyone?

(if you squint and look at the top of the picture you will see a small tower at the top of the “hill”)

We are in New Hampshire. You’ve got to wonder about a state that feels compelled to shout LIVE FREE OR DIE on all of its license plates. So much for subtlety. I will say – however – that this state is quite beautiful. Wait, it’s wicked awesome beautiful. Or something like that.

You’ll have to excuse any of my ramblings or typos. I’ve been up since 3 am CST. Arrived in Manchester with no problems – know why? Flew out of Midway. That’s the secret to getting somewhere from Chicago. Once we arrived, driving to Gilford we passed by an outlet mall and my husband – I think it was my husband – said let’s go shopping.

Finally, I WIN!

Did you know that in less than 10 minutes you can make 2 purchases of excellent new sporty gear? And did you know that working from home has killed any hope of living a semi-fashionable existence. Who gets a green light for shopping and buys a pair of running tights and a run top. Who?


The real reason we went shopping – to buy a towel. For the love of my dog if I heard one more thing about a towel from Chris I was ready to steal the car and drive straight to Canada. We needed to swim in the lake but didn’t have a towel. We needed a towel. A TOWEL! One more time – TOWEL! And now we own a Ralph Lauren Polo (outlet buy!) towel for $9.99.

Did some swimming at the lake. The lake was mostly cool and clear. Did some pick ups, then dared Chris to do the slow boil. He took me on. He tried to slow boil it down the buoy line and I was right there with them. Nice try! You know what that means – it’s the new wetsuit!

We drove the bike course. It goes up. And up. Up a little more. Makes a turn…and…up. Gradual long hills and smooth roads. Kind of reminds me of the back part of the island in St. Croix. Except it’s not an island. And there are no chickens.

We went to packet pick up. Holy tri dorks from high heaven we were the first in line. Actually we waited outside until they opened up the line. Best part – two words Jen Harrison – PINK BACKPACK. Not kidding. I have no idea what I will do with a pink backpack but at least now I own one (jealous, JH?).

We are staying at a bed and breakfast. It’s one of those historical homes with lots of antiques. There is actually a rifle hanging above the fireplace in our room. LIVE FREE OR DIE! DIE!

Ok, ok – I get it already.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to prance around the room with my pink backpack and then get some sleep.