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Liz By Numbers

By June 21, 2007June 4th, 2015No Comments

62: Height in inches

10:45: Hours it took me to finish Ironman
8: Weeks before I felt “normal” again after Ironman
5: Years I have been on Ragbrai
500: Most miles I have biked in one week
122: Most miles I have biked in one day
8: Most consecutive weekends I raced in 2002
6: Number of months it took my piriformis to heal after that
21:36: Minutes it took me to run my first 5K
37:46: Number of minutes to run my fastest 10K
1999: Year of my first triathlon
5:56: Hours for my first half-Ironman in 2000
4:32: Hours for my fastest half-Ironman to date
16: Years I have been running
3: Weeks I take off of running each year
5:56: Fastest mile I ran in high school
Number of times I have gone faster 16 years later: Too many to count
8: Years since I learned how to swim
7000: Longest number of yards I swam at one time
36: Socks that I counted out of Chris’ laundry basket last week
130,000: Miles on my car
3: Cars at our house
37.5: Hours I work each week
50: Employees that I manage
2000: Miles I have ridden since January 1st
30: Maximum miles I run each week
350: Miles I will run before I buy new running shoes
1: Brother, Pete
10/5/07: Expected due date of his first daughter
10: Years I lived in New York City
3: Cups of coffee I drink each morning
333: Times I think about coffee between then and the next day
32: Age I will be on July 28th
21: Months of age between me and my husband (he’s older)
4: Seasons I have worked with my coach
About a Dozen: Times I talk to my coach each day
3 ½: Years it took me to finish college
4: Years for graduate school

3: Total degrees I have earned
0: Times a day I use those degrees
21: Months married to Chris
261: Guests at our wedding
5: Bikes that I currently own
2: Times I sold a bike on ebay only to buy it back again
84: Degrees in our house the other day

88: Degrees outside today

89: Pounds I weighed in high school
105: Pounds I weigh now

3: Pounds I lost during a recent run
12: Number of years I was a vegetarian
0: Number of times I got sick once I started eating meat again

4: Races to go this season
313.1: Miles to cover in those races