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More Random Thoughts

By March 7, 2008June 9th, 2015No Comments

I think it is time for another installment of random thoughts.

First of all, big news around the house this week – Boss is now nut-free. He has spent the past two days walking around with a plastic cone around his neck. Forget the television. The real entertainment is watching this dog. He has spent half the time attacking the plastic cone, the other half walking into things because of the cone and the other half (this is my blog and it does not need to be mathematically correct) humping the red blanket.


I thought that behavior would go away but there he was today getting it on with the blanket. Plus I thought he was supposed be tired? Tell that to the stuffed chicken he has been launching across the living room (best part was when the chicken got stuck in a houseplant and he just sat there – cone around his neck – staring at the plant for a good hour which was both one of the funniest and saddest things I have ever seen).

Next up – hygiene. I have decided personal hygiene is highly overrated. Not as important as you think. Seeing that I spend most of my day working out, waiting to work out, recovering from a work out or writing other people’s workouts, I have accepted that I can be dirty for the day. Sometimes for more than one day. And now that my husband is in Colorado for the weekend snuggling with the Red Bear in his cave, there is no one to witness my stink – I don’t have to shower until at least Sunday.


I just learned that Marit is harboring my helmet in Pensacola, Florida. Please, whatever you do, Marit, do not take my helmet across state lines. Because I had a very bizarre experience a few years ago in Mobile, Alabama that involved lunchmeat, no coffee cup lids and a chef’s hat.

I am still not comfortable talking about this experience.

Winter. Why is it still here? I look out the window and I see sun. I think to myself – it is sunny and 70 degrees! Then I walk outside to get the mail and think it’s sunny and 10 degrees! Not fair. Wishing the snow would melt – NOW – wind would turn off – NOW – spring would be here – NOW.

To escape this I am leaving for San Diego next week. I told you – I will avoid winter by simply removing myself from the equation and I am doing a fabulous job of that this year. Next week I will be traveling to sunny San Diego with my husband, Sherpa Thomas and Marit. Yes, we are kidnapping (literally, she is the kid) Marit and making her train with us. I need someone to chase that will be at least within my reach (last I saw Sherpa Thomas had actually developed some semblance of “fitness” and my husband is now in a different league). Plus I think Marit will keep me centered and less cynical if perchance I have a training meltdown (always a risk when I go wizard chasing with the boys).

I still have not bought a new coffee pot. This morning I noticed the Cadillac has mold growing in its gold filter. I refuse to lose this battle. I will stand this pot down. I will prevail. I will buy a new pot and put the Cadillac on the curb where it belongs. With its skanky filter, too!

Facebook – I caved. Set up a profile and even added pictures. I beg you to be my friend. PLEASE be my friend on Facebook. Do we get a prize for having the most friends? Because I want to win. I LIKE TO WIN and I want the most friends. Honestly, I don’t plan on doing much with it other than prove to people that I still exist and that someone was crazy enough to marry me hence the changed last name. So if you want to be my friend on Facebook you can send me a request and I will happily add you once I receive the fan club fee of $19.99 and a pound of coffee.

This week I have been in rest week. I had a massage. I ate ice cream for breakfast. I went to bed early and then another night stayed up really late. Sometimes it is good to fall off the wagon. Peanut butter fell off with me. And I found myself face planted into a jar of crunchy unsalted while holding a silver spoon. I haven’t found my way out yet.

Weeks like this I let my thoughts get off track. I try not to mentally wrap myself up in the sport or the way of life. I do what I want, when I want. I give myself a break. Because you can’t go go go each week. It makes for a very unbalanced person and not to mention a very boring one way life.

So those are my random thoughts – from this week now that has come to a close. This weekend I’ll jump back on board the training wagon and get ready for my trip to San Diego with Marit and the boys.

By the way – I am going to repost an old blog for Marit. She is training for IM and needs to read the blog below. It is from 2006 when I trained for my first Kona. ENJOY!