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New Day

By May 3, 2008June 10th, 2015No Comments

I understand there is no open container law on St. Croix and while that may work for the humans I think someone should revoke the privilege from the rooster who was cockadoodledooing at 3:40 am and obviously drunk off his feathered a**.

I have accepted that until I leave this island I will be licked by at least 2 non human species each day. This morning – two dogs. I was running around 6:30 am. By the way, no sun at 6 am. To my sleeping delight it was overcast. Got out early and went for a short run. Coming back I was taken over by two dogs – a big one that licked me and a little one that ran behind me. Then I realized I was running down the street with a little parade of dogs behind me. Then there were the horses on the road. And the goats came out around 7 am and started bleating.

The day is windy and overcast. But still warm. My bike will be fixed by 11 am. The man I am staying with knows a man that knows a man that owns the local bike shop who knows the exact tool required to repair my bike.

I’m eating bananas from the banana tree. And bringing the french press mug – best decision ever. Haven’t seen a drop of coffee yet. It’s a dry island I tell you. Unless you count the slobber from a dog.