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New Directions

By January 14, 2009July 8th, 2015No Comments

2009 is here!

Many exciting things are in the works for me both personally and professionally.

Thank you to Trakkers for coming on board to support my training and racing endeavors in 2009. Not only that, but they have asked me to write for some of their projects, one being the Rev 3 Triathlon. If you have not heard about the Rev 3 Triathlon, it is a race that will showcase what racing is all about – quality race organization, a challenging venue and top notch competition from some of the world’s best professionals. Check out their website for more information and read some blogs especially written for the site here:!/blog/2009-01-13-its-show-time.htm

Power Bar continues to support my efforts. I have been a part of their geneours Team Elite program since 2003. I train and race using Power Bar products – and they have never let me down! Two Ironmans, many many many half Ironmans and so many miles on nothing but vanilla Power Gels and Cookies n’ Cream Power Bars. Thanks! has been my dream sponsor since 2005. Incredibly supportive, generous and fun is what this team is all about. It’s a down-to-earth company that defines what a triathlon store should be – not just product but a resource and leader in multisport; Enter code EFEDO-S for 10% off your order at checkout.

Rudy Project makes cool sunglasses and helmets. The other day I spoke to a group of high schoolers and they thought my helmet was not only very alien-like but super speedy cool looking too. Even at their age they could spot aerodynamics. There are probably over 10 pairs of Rudy Project sunglasses around my house for good reason – they are comfortable, high quality and do what they are supposed to do.

SOHMAR is the School of Holistic Massage and Refloxology in Downers Grove. The school was founded by Michael – who is not only the best massage therapist in the western suburbs but a triathlete (and Ironman!) too. If you are looking to be taken care of by relaxing and experienced hands, head over to SOHMAR for a massage.

If you haven’t heard, you haven’t been listening…Well Fit is opening a brand new training facility in Chicago. And the grand opening is this Thursday! The coaches and staff at Well Fit have poured endless hours into putting together a unique multisport training and coaching facility – designed by multisport athletes for multisport athletes. CompuTrainers, treadmills, Endless Pool, New Leaf performance testing, showers, lockers – it’s all in there and waiting for you. I have the opportunity to lead their Ironman Wisconsin training program which starts in February. Visit their website at for more information.

Alive With Mission Me is an organization you will be hearing more about. They are leading the way in bringing multisport to youth around the country. I am grateful to have been a part of their inaugural efforts to teach coaches how to connect youth to multisport. On February 28th, they are leading a coach training in Chicago. If you have the opportunity (and if you need CEUs), participate! The founders are passionate about what they do and driven to share our sport with youth. I am excited to be a part of this project as it allows me to merge two of my biggest passions – multisport and working with children. For more information, visit here:

And, finally, you know about my own coaching business, Multisport Mastery. 2008 was a year of success beyond my dreams. My business has thrived and I can say that I wake up every day excited to do my job. Thank you to all of my athletes for making this possible for another year.

I am looking for sponsors interested in joining me for 2009. What do I bring? In addition to a snappy attitude and a collection of crazy winter hats: widespread coverage race schedule around the country, representation on an award winning blog, contact with hundreds of athletes through my affiliations, direct exposure to all athletes on my coaching roster and more. Contact me at: multisportmastery at

Here’s to 2009! Let’s go!