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November 2016 Featured Athlete

Multisport Mastery is pleased to announce the November 2016 Featured Athlete:

Meredith Gordon img_0311 

We caught up with Meredith after she set a new PR at a 4 miler race on Thanksgiving.

What do you enjoy most about working with a coach?

I love that I don’t have to think.  I don’t have to design my workouts and my approaches to races.  I don’t have to figure out what paces I should be running for different races and workouts.  I love having someone to be accountable to.  I like to think of Liz as my own personal cheerleader who is always in the back of my head telling me to get my ass moving and to suck it up buttercup.  I have been working with Liz since 2008 and cannot imagine working with anyone else.  She understands my injuries, my time commitments, my goals and desires, etc.  I cannot recommend her enough.

You recently committed to making a change with your daily approach to eating – tell us about that?  What have you changed?  How has it changed you and your running?

I have been pretty lucky – running pretty fast because of my size and ability.  But I am getting older and quickly approaching the time when PRs may never be possible again.  Before that happens I want to see how good I can get.  The missing piece of the puzzle has been my nutrition.  Honestly, I know nothing about good nutrition.  And I certainly don’t know what good nutrition is for an athlete.  I grew up on fast food; I crave sugar!  And after working with Liz for years I thought it was time to ask for help.  I logged my foods for her and she started setting weekly goals for me.  We started with breakfast.  We fixed it to include healthy options that would provide me with energy and sustain me until lunch.  This has been the easiest fix for me.  And it’s worked.  I usually feel great throughout the morning.  Next we cut out sugary drinks.  I struggle with this one the most.  I’ve replaced sugary drinks with sparkling water and Nuun.  Then it was time to add in some vegetables.  We have also made sure to include adequate protein.  And now we’re working on my sugar intake.  I have only been following this plan since the middle of October and I’ve already seen changes.  Firstly, I’m not as hungry.  I’m getting better sleep.  My body looks leaner and more muscular.  And I set a HUGE PR (80 seconds!) at a four mile race last week.  So far, so good.img_0312

How has becoming a mom changed your approach to running (Meredith has an adorable 3-year old son, Anderson)? 

Becoming a mom changed my running drastically.  It’s not been so much about time management as much as it is about my mindset.  I used to be super competitive – with others and with myself.  If I didn’t accomplish a goal I was devastated.  When I did not finish Ironman twice I was completely messed up.  My whole world was shattered.  I had failed.  But now, there’s a cute little boy who tells me to “be brave mommy” and cheers me on with his cowbell.  Seeing his face at my races puts into perspective the real things in life.  Yes I want to race fast and win, but at the end of the day I’m mom and that’s more important.

What have been your accomplishments this year?

Overall female winner at a local quarter marathon (6.55 miles)

New PRs in 10K and 4 miler

Top 20 at the aquathlon world championship

What are your 2017 goals?

I want to dream bigger in 2017.  I’ve always considered myself locally competitive, small race competitive.  I usually place in my age group and sometimes get lucky and place overall.  I would like to take it to the next level.  I want to get on the podium of a big race.  I also want to qualify for Boston 2018 and the 2018 aquathlon world championships.

You’ve been a long time runner – what keeps the fire burning?

This is an excellent question and one that’s hard for me to answer.  Honestly, I struggle with motivation almost on a daily basis.  I guess I just want to see how good I can get.  I am quickly approaching the magically age of 40 where, for a runner, things star


t to go downhill.  I want to see how fast I can be before I can no longer be fast.

Anything else we need to know?

I have a goal to run a race (doesn’t matter distance or type) in all 50 states plus DC.  Right now I have 21 and hope to pick up a few more in 2017.

From Coach Liz –

Meredith has been one of my long-time athletes.  She’s always been a good solider and hard worker but this year she really bought into the dream of how good can I get?  She’s tried new approaches with her run training (including using technology more consistently & slowing down on those easy runs), overhauled her nutrition and dug in a little deeper in many ways.  This being our 9th season together, it’s a fun challenge for me, as a coach, to find new ways to elevate Meredith’s performance.  To, the missing link seemed to be her nutrition.  We’ve found a way to make changes that has worked for the both of us and in a short time, we’re both pleased with the progress.  Meredith, I’m looking forward to guiding you towards your 2017 goals.  Let’s do this!