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Nutmegman Scenes

By September 22, 2008July 6th, 2015No Comments

The lake where the swim took place. Really it’s a river but in Connecticut they call this little cove a lake. Connecticut is also the nutmeg state. Yeah, it’s a different sort of place.

The transition area was small but organized. It was also one of the cleanest transition areas I have ever seen. The race was promoted as “green” and they generated only 3 garbage bags from the entire event after recycling everything.

And that was how the lake/river looked at race start. You can barely see two green balls off to the left – those were the first set of buoys. There was another set somewhere in the fog by the boat with flashing lights. To the left of the smurf huts right before you reach the Fraggle hole – it was like swimming into a hazy make believe world out there.

Here I am trying to stay warm before the race. In case you ever find yourself half naked in 44 degrees, a wetsuit is the warmest thing around. Plus a wool hat. That’s my new winter hat – isn’t it great? Check out the fog in the background.

Mile 7 of the run and who do I see? NESS! We visited after the race. Next to her is the infamous Finn dog. You will notice that while Finn could not bear to look at me (he tried to hide in the bushes) he could look at my camera. It’s a start.

Hey, that’s me coming to the finish line. I liked how the curb before the grass said “DON’T TRIP” in chalk.

Thank you sir for the great race, may I have another? The smile says it all. When you feel good, you do good. But not a word about the arm crossover, ok?