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Ok, ok……

By September 16, 2007June 8th, 2015No Comments

The good news – I won the national championship for the second year in a row.

The bad news – It was about 38 degrees race morning.

The good news – When you are focused on going hard you don’t feel the cold.

The bad news – But when you are that cold you pee yourself about 20 times on the bike.

The good news – The race was very spreadout so I didn’t pee on anyone.

The bad news – I ended up in the ER @ 11 pm on Saturday night.

The good news – I am not dying. Nor do I have kennel cough.

The bad news – I did have to get nebulized.

The good news – Once I was nebulized I could breathe without sounding like a harmonica.

The bad news – Apparently once I fell asleep I was breathing as loud as a 300 lb man.

The good news – DayQuil is the best medicine you can take post-race.

The bad news – I fear I will exceed the recommended daily dose.

The good news – I am now comfortably back at home doing laundry.

The bad news – There are piles of laundry everywhere.

The good news – Only one more race to go.

The bad news – It’s an Ironman.

The good news – There is no way that race will be 38 degrees cold.

The bad news – I know….be careful what I wish for…..heat can be just as bad.

Anyways, a weekend of high times, high drama. A race report will soon follow.