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Post Ironman Notes

By October 14, 2007June 8th, 2015No Comments

Seeing Natascha in the med van early on the Queen K – poor thing.

The massive wall of wind up to Hawi, going about 10 mph – not so much.

Drafting – explain to me why. Why and how you can draft at Kona. I don’t get it. What is the point?

Realizing my watch broke on the bike – oh boy. Kind of makes me wish I bought that new Timex I had been spying all week.

The volunteer who gave me her Timex watch in the changing tent – what a woman.

Where oh where were the giant vats of sunscreen this year? I’m sorry – two people spraying 8 oz bottles of Kinesysis….didn’t really cut it. This is the skin cancer burn my friends.

My bike shoes – I broke up with them at about mile 100.

The run – the first 8 miles were so fun.

The next 18 miles – not so fun.

Crapping 4 times over those 18 miles – again, not so fun.

Crapping in front of Seton the owner of – priceless.

We need to redefine your meaning of “fun” – when Seton said at mile 17 “I’m just out here now for fun.”

Best sign observed – at Hawi turnoff “I get my wife back in 7 hours.”

The last 4 miles of the run – longest miles of my life.

Best reply – guy at mile 5 that I said “come on, you can do it” – he said “I’m working on it.”

Mile at which the giant blister on my right foot burst – 22.

Percent cloud cover – zero.

Most bizarre trend – compression socks on the bike and run – seriously?

Crossing the finish line – always emotional.

Eating pizza afterwards – good, for about 30 minutes before it left the body.

Number of toenails I will lose -probably 3.

On the menu for tomorrow – pancakes, crumb cake, ice cream, and coffee. for sure.

Point at which I had already eaten a bag of Reeses Pieces, a Fast Break and a Big Cup – 12 pm Sunday.

Number of people observed with yellow wristbands running on Sunday – two.

Kona my friends is in the bag! Yee haw! Thanks for all the notes, messages, and good lucks!!!