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San Diego Highlights

By March 26, 2007June 3rd, 2015No Comments

Got the most mileage: TIE

(1) Our legs
(2) The joke that Jennifer was our elderly companion for the weekend

Most spider-like move: Chris building a web of bungee in the back of the van

The sleeper: Adam climbing up Mount Soledad; we thought we lost you lil’ buddy

Most useful infomercial: The guy that gave us a box containing 12 bottles of fancy drinking water in the parking lot of Jilberto’s

Biggest bunch of crap: TIE

(1) The guy telling us that the water was ionized and magnetically centrifuged
(2) What Chris left in the kennel of stink on Saturday morning
(3) What Liz left in the canyon around mile 5

Number of hours before the boys’ room was lined with Coors Light cans: 12

Most evil trick: Not feeding Jennifer until 7:30 pm to keep her quiet

Best bird-like move: “The vulture”, circling on your bike while waiting for someone to catch up

Most likely to be found in Tim’s farmyard: Chris, the Mother Hen

Admit it, you woke up in the morning with your hand between two pillows: Chris and Tim

Most likely to pull up behind you making farmyard noises: Tim

I fought the cake and the cake won: Jennifer making it only half way through the Chocolate Caramel Bottom Cake, going back 1 hour later to finish it, up all night with a stomach ache

Most desperate plea: TIE

(1) Tim, crying “this 12 – 23 just kicked my ass” on Palomar
(2) Jennifer walking into the shower in the YMCA while shouting “I’M STARTING TO HAVE GERM ISSUES HERE.”
(3) Tim moaning “please don’t say that to me again” after Liz says “that’s where we’re going” while pointing at the steep switchback ahead

Most entertaining mistake: Jennifer calling Brad “Bob” for the first 40 miles

Not someplace you should play the game of chance : TIE

(1) At 4000 feet on Palomar Mountain, Tim and Liz play the game of chance, “chances are the next motorcycle…..”
(2) If you’re a snail, in the middle of Route 76 crawling across the road out of the citrus groves

Most entertaining excuse: Brad admitting that if he climbed Mount Soledad he would be checking mailboxes the entire way

Best comeback: Liz saying “I saw the wizard three times today” after climbing Palomar Mountain and Tim saying “did you happen to see what was in his sleeve?”

Even better than Surprise Tattoo, the best new party game:
Do, Date or Dump

Three people Liz would do, date or dump: Ernie, Gordon, and Bert

One person Jennifer would do: George W, wearing a cowboy hat

Not good with directions, and he admits it:
Tim, after nearly ending up in the middle of the interstate after losing his way in the canyon

When a good idea goes bad: Jennifer stopping the van short in an attempt to send Tim and Adam to the back of the van and instead nearly hurling Liz across the back of the van into Adam’s arms

Not someplace you’d like your window to open: At mile 5 of the run in the canyon

Stolen straight from the A-Team: The armored cargo van with no seats or windows

Too tiny to drive the van: Team Tiny

And you thought Ironman made her tough: Liz; try wiping your ass with a flat rock

Now able to apply for her Class D bus driver’s license: Jennifer

Best mooing at midnight: Tim and Chris outside of our hotel room door, mooing loudly

Heed my warning: Jennifer says to Liz “your husband is mooing at the door” and Liz responds with “DO NOT OPEN THAT DOOR.”

The proof is in the pudding: The next morning Chris saying “good thing you didn’t open the door or you both would have been naked steamrolled.”

First to back the van into a pole: Jennifer

Something we didn’t want to see: Another day of Jennifer without her morning oatmeal

Almost flatlined: Liz in the back of the van after masters practice, Jennifer saying to Chris “We better stop at Starbuck’s because I think we’re losing her.”

Another name for the loo: The stinkbox of death, the kennel of stink

The perfect place for someone small and elf-like: Liz riding through the Elfin Forest

Number of hours before the boys’ room smelled like boy: Less than 2

Still nothing better: Cheez-It’s after a long ride

Most surprising performance by an elderly woman: Jennifer climbing Soledad non-stop