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Yes at the end of this week I will be in SAN DIEGO!

I can’t wait.

As long as the sun is shining, my bike arrives, and the ocean is still there I would consider the trip a huge success.

There are things I must do when I am out there. Obsessive compulsive San Diego behavior. I must eat bagels and drink coffee while watching the ocean at that little cliffside park. I must run at the canyon. I must ride through the Elfin Forest (not because it’s particularly exciting but because, come on…ELF, elfin forest, it’s where I belong), I must swim in an outdoor pool – IN JANURY! –I must go into the little surfer wear shops and buy something totally inappropriate to wear at my age. I must drink coffee. I think I already said that. I must go hottie spotting outside the Starbucks. I must run on the beach. I must ride. And ride a lot. Up hills and maybe mountains. Drink sports drink. Perhaps revisit the Ironman nutrition plan.

Ew. I just go the chills. And a warm sensation in my mouth preceeding a hefty barf. Scratch the IM nutrition plan. I will just stick with….gels.

Joining us will be Sherpa Thomas of Kona-sherpa-duty-fame. I have just learned that I have been granted permission to sleep next to Thomas. Hey it was either me or Chris and I guess there’s something not so right with two men in a bed (those aren’t pillows!). This is good for me, not so good for Thomas. You see, I like to do secret training in my sleep which means there is a very good chance I will kick Thomas…all night long.

Sherpa Thomas says we must swim in the ocean. But the last time I attempted this in January at La Jolla Cove a few things happened:

I put on my wetsuit.
I put my big toe into the ocean.
I pulled my (cold) big toe out of the ocean.
I stood and looked at the ocean.
I look at the buoy in the cove.
I decided I could swim out and back to the buoy.
I finally put myself up to my knees into the ocean.
I launched myself – against my will – into the ocean.
I did a few breaststroke kicks.
I put my face into the water.
I looked down.
I saw rocks.
I decided I did not like rocks.
I swam back out of the ocean.
I decided I did not need to swim in the ocean.

This entire decision-making process took 30 minutes. So, the ocean swim, we’ll see how that goes. But everything that does not involve cold water and rocks, I’m all for it. And aside from swimming, biking and running – things that will likely happen during my four day stay:

*I will get hit by a rogue Frisbee while running on the beach
*I will balk at a minimum of one highly overpriced item on a menu
*I will get passed by some man twice my age wearing his bib shorts over his jersey riding a Bianchi
*I will wake up in the middle of the night sweating bullets because Dit has cranked the heat up to 90 degrees
*My stomach will drop in the middle of the canyon requiring me to make friends with a smooth rock

And one thing is always for sure – I will, I will at some point see the wizard. In fact, I can’t wait. Other than the sun the one thing I really want to see is the wizard. Because I’ve been working hard lately. I’ve been hitting rock bottom. I have found new low low lows and I know when I find him I will be ready to give him a piece of my mind.

So if anyone lives in the San Diego area and has seen the wizard lately – tell him I’m coming for him. I’m going to look far up into his sleeve. And I’m not going back home without a piece of his freakin’ robe in my hand.