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Seattle is Full of Surprises

By January 6, 2007June 3rd, 2015No Comments

I have arrived in the land of milk and honey, I mean the land of cream and coffee. So far I haven’t had any coffee, but it is high on my list for tomorrow.

Touchdown was earlier this morning and since then I’ve been busy seeing Seattle with my brother Pete and his girlfriend, Melissa.

We’re were driving back to Pete’s place when Melissa told us about a fabulous party game called “Surprise Tatoo”. It’s sort of a drinking game, except it’s a game you play after you’ve done the drinking – or at least once the drinking is in full swing. You have everyone write down something on a piece of paper. Something that would be borderline embarrassing and ridiculous to tatoo to your body. Then you put the pieces of paper in a hat. Everyone pulls a piece of the paper out and then must go and get that tatooed to their body. Everyone goes to get the tatooes at the same time. Tatooes stay covered up until they are all complete. The game culminates in a “reveal” in which everyone uncovers their tatooes to reveal what is now adorning their body. One of Melissa’s friends ended up with a pickle with a top hat on their body. Another had a tatoo of Michael Jackon’s mug shot.

That game sure beats butt darts, a Ragbrai classic.

As we drove back to West Seattle after eating lunch, visiting Pete’s workplace, seeing the Bodies exhibit, and having tea, I thought about what I would bring to the table if I were playing Surprise Tatoo.

I would bring the Toys of the 80’s Wild Card.

The person that drew my piece of paper would get a choice between three top toys from the 80’s; Glowworm, Rainbow Brite, or Teddy Ruxpin. They would have to get one of those tatooed to them.

If I were playing this game and perchance drew my own piece of paper, I would choose Glowworm.

I asked Melissa if she had any tatooes and she said no. Then perhaps it’s time we play, eh?

I have a feeling I should hope I don’t ever have to play that game. Because with my luck, I’d come back from Seattle with Mr. Peanut tatooed to my back.

Nevertheless, it’s fun to think of some tatooes for your own arsenal of what you’d bring to the table if you ever had to play. So what would you bring?