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By February 9, 2008June 9th, 2015No Comments

Who would have thought I’d roll off a plane this afternoon right into the giant coffee cup of a city known as Seattle?

No, I’m not just here for the coffee. I’m here to visit the smallest Fedofsky out there (yes there is such a thing) – Anabel.

Anabel has big blue eyes, crazy hair and the biggest cheeks. Not to mention some giant legs. The world’s best aunt (me) got right to work moving those legs in bicycle motion. And I found out that daddy has already been doing running legs with her. That’s right. Get that turnover up when she’s young.

She likes to eat and likes to drool. Her favorite book is something about a Fuzzy Bee. She thinks her fingers are tasty but her whole fist tastes even better. She wears baby leggings and has very stylish baby clothes.

She likes spending time in one of those spinning chair things that Pete calls the Command Center. You know, one where she can stand in it and look at or tug at lots of colorful hanging things that make sounds. About the only thing she can’t do in it is get channel 7 in clear view. She also likes to play the piano. Pete has a little toy piano for her and puts her in a chair (she’s 4 months old, imagine this) and then she very intently bangs out some chords. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

It’s 1:30 am and sadly a bit too late for coffee. But fear not in 8 hours I will be properly caffeinated. Tommorrow I also plan to run up and down on a big hill. There is one of the biggest hills I have ever seen about 5 minutes from here. If only they had a baby jogger I could have push Anabel up and down the hill for added weight. But even by myself, hills, rain long run……I can’t wait.