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Sunday Morning

By March 8, 2009July 8th, 2015No Comments

Last night finished up with an industry dinner and poker night at The food was delicious, the atmosphere inviting and the conversation abundant. The room literally buzzed alive with triathlon.

We talked to a lot of people. It was business talk – which these days is triathlon talk – but also just a lot of other talk too. I realized as we were talking that my husband was well on his way to drinking himself two drinks under the table (that’s about all it takes) and I knew I had to keep a watchful eye on him. When he approached Dave Scott I just wanted to get out my giant shepherd’s hook and reel him back in and apologize to Dave for being man-trapped. I think they were talking about how to reconcile with the fact that as you get older you get slower….or at least that is what my husband is grappling with. I told him this was ridiculous. First of all, he’s not old – he’s 36. Second of all, there are plenty of “older” guys that are smokin’ fast and keep getting better. Third, age really is just a state of mind. Anyhow, I’m not sure what Dave had to say and I’m not even sure that today my husband would remember what Dave had to say.

Of note, Rob did get a picture of Dave eating pizza. And I will say that we guessed McGlone put down at least 5 pieces. Either that or she nursed the same piece for a really long time. But I digress, it is silly to think these superstars are anything less than real people with a real passion for what they do and real hard work skills. There is nothing magical about their approach nor do they take a thousand magical pills and live on a pedestal. I think sometimes we put them on a pedestal because we feel what they achieve is so far from us that we could never reach it. Take away the pedestal and they’re standing at the open bar with everyone else, getting their drink on and eating pizza.

Before leaving we met two young guys, AJ from Montana and Rory from Hawaii. Though these days he is a nomad. Learned what a “leaf shark” is. The next time I’m swimming in Lake in the Hills and feel something creepy on me and I freak out – I’m blaming the leaf shark. Anyways, they were just really down to earth. This is my favorite quality in people: just be down to earth and have some perspective about yourself. These guys got it.

This morning, we woke up not really sure what we wanted to do today. So, we went for some breakfast and then coffee at Le Buzz. Cute little shop with a renaissance feel but let me say the median age in there had to be 75. I told Chris to get a good look at where we will be in 30 years. Wearing matching bike outfits with our little dog in a basket on the front of our bike. Not kidding. Better yet, flash forward 40 years and you’ll see me over there at that table putting butter on my cinnamon roll. BUTTER on my CINNAMON ROLL. I actually saw this and because of it – think I gained 3 lbs.

Today we are not sure of the plan. It’s another sunny day here but a little chilly this morning. Actually, it was 39! I pulled out my winter hat! But the day will warm up nicely and soon I believe we will ride. Where to? Not sure. Does it matter? Miles are miles and I’m looking to get in as many as I can. Sherpa Thomas will join us today (girlfriend went home) and Chris is ready to pull.

Even if he’s not, he will.