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Survey Request

By January 18, 2013July 21st, 2015No Comments

I am doing a webinar in March on the pregnant athlete. I need your help. I’m wondering if you can answer the following questions (below).  You can answers these questions (and a few more) by clicking the following link:
Pregnant Athlete Survey

For the purposes of this survey, an “athlete” is defined as anyone who consistently worked out ~ 7 hours per week BEFORE pregnancy.

1) Age during (each) pregnancy

2) Height

3) Weight BEFORE (each) pregnancy

4) Approximately how much did you workout per week while pregnant (hours)?

5) If you’d like, describe a normal week of activity.

6) Which activities did you do while pregnant? (ie., swim, bike, run, strength, etc)

7) If you did not workout in pregnancy, why?

8) How much weight did you gain throughout pregnancy?

9)  Did you have to stop any activity? If so, which activity, at which point & why?

10) Did you follow the rule “keep your HR under 140?” If not, what did you do to monitor/regulate yourself?

11)  Did you have a conversation with your OB/GYN about exercise during pregnancy? If so, what did they say?

12) How did your family/friends/strangers react to you working out through pregnancy?

13) How much did your baby weigh?

14) Natural delivery or c-section?

15) How much recovery time did you take after pregnancy (time COMPLETELY off from workouts)?

16) When was your first race post-partum?

17) When did you return to your pre-baby weight?

18) When did you feel like you returned to your pre-pregnancy speed?

19) Did pregnancy change your ability in any sport?

20) If you nursed, did you train and race while nursing? How did that go?

Feel free to add any additional information about your experiences with exercise during pregnancy.  And, if you had more than one child, please feel free to answer the questions PER pregnancy.

Thank you for your help!