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The Eagle Has Flown

By June 8, 2008June 10th, 2015No Comments

A quick update:

Chris qualified for Kona – and finished 3rd amateur male overall. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he did this wearing my race shorts. Yes, at 4:30 this morning when he put on race shorts he looked at me and said “I think these are your shorts.” Imagine a 160 lb man squeezing into size women’s small race shorts. He has been christened “Hot Pants Magoo”. Not only that but we have enacted new equipment rule: If you soil yourself wearing someone else’s race shorts they automatically become your new race shorts. Chris also might want to rethink a rule he enacted last year about which bike to bring to Kona – he said “you bring what brung you” meaning that he rode the bike he qualified on. Following that I fully expect Kona to get an eyeful of my husband wearing his new hot pants. It would only be right.

The Red Bear and JB came in close to each other around 6 hours. If JB hadn’t spent 12 minutes total in transition he might have had a fighting chance of holding the Red Bear off. And after 6 hours in the sun, the Red Bear truly is…red.

IM Able gets the award for loudest and bestest voice at the finish line. She is every bit as peppy and sweet in real life as she is on her blog.

Kudos to my gal Kate for running the whole run and keeping a smile on her face while others melted away. She made me proud.

And for me – I got an e-mail from coach this morning reminding me that I would be judged on my process goals and not the results. That sat in my head all day. I am pleased to say I achieved all of my goals. But I will admit I wished I had two things (besides someone to turn down the blazing 96 degree heat) – my disc wheel and fresh legs. Not to be had today but in exchange for that I got something better – accomplishment and confidence. A step in the direction of the big picture. Plus I won $$$ for coming in 8th!

I was on the other side of the fence this year – watching all the amateurs stand waiting for notification of whether they got a Kona slot. The sense of excitement and accomplishment of winning your age group for that coveted Kona slot came alive to me as I found Kerri Robbins in the medical tent, IV in her arm, and said “Kerri, you qualified for Kona.” The look on her face and her voice shaking was priceless and made me realize why it is such a special race. And though I won’t be racing there this year (pro’s have to qualify at a full IM and there are none in my plans) I will get to spectate my husband and all of these great friends. So I guess I have some training to do in the category of hooting, hollering, shouting, jumping and standing on my feet all day in the Kona sun.