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The Waiting Game – Tick Tock

By October 11, 2007June 8th, 2015No Comments

A relaxing afternoon here in Kona. Enjoying some pineapple now before Chris’ parents arrive.

We went to see our doctor at the A.R.T. tent. If you are having any aches and pains, I suggest finding a doctor qualified to do active release therapy. It’s good stuff. Luckily, our provider is out here every year. It was great to get treated on a table by the beach rather than a table in an office.

While he treated Chris, I noticed a familiar face next to us. A younger woman, curly hair, and a very Australian accent. Looked at her bike to notice a curly-haired sticker on it. Kate Major. I said “Kate Major” to the guy treating her and he said “no, it’s her twin sister.” Seriously I gave him the look like ZIP IT lunchbox. Anyways, I looked at her and said “Kate Major, good luck.” She smiled and said thanks. Even if it was her twin sister, her smile was radiant and it was nice to see even the pro’s get treated for little aches and pains.

Afterwards drove to the beach to see some fish. Saw Faris Al-Sultan running down Alii Drive – by himself. Saw lots of fish too. My favorite were the fish eating stuff off the rocks. That would be me. Sea turtles were floating by the shore. Always fun to watch.

On the way out, I noticed a sea turtle stuck in the rocks. Poor thing literally wedged itself upright into some rocks – no way out. Leave it to Chris to save the sea turtle and help it back into the water. To some degree probably not right but his good deed for the day.

Well, there are about 30 plastic bags staring at me for one last look before we turn them in tomorrow. Grease the shoes, cut the bars in half, there’s a lot of work still to be done. We’ll do a quick workout in the morning and then spend the rest of the day listening to Chris’ dad talk about trains and watching him mom – Shopatron – devour Alii Drive. I’m really excited they will be here with us on race day. I know it means a lot to Chris. And to me too.