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By October 14, 2009July 13th, 2015No Comments

Who am I? More importantly, where am I?

Back in Chicago!

The last day in Hawaii was the best day. Isn’t that always the case?

We headed down to Kahalu’u Bay for some play time in the ocean. The ocean was cloudy and there were not too many fish around. I tried body boarding and realized that I will not be turning pro at it any time soon. In fact the only way I could move on the board was to do butterfly arms. I’m pretty sure that is not the right way!

After this I decided we should take an adventure – drive down Ali’i the other way. Bree told me that it goes for about 15 miles. Along the way we found a FABULOUS pool at a resort! Two slides, two hot tubs, and lots of floaty mats that are good for (1) racing your husband, (2) to launch yourself from the slide, (3) do not attempt to stand on the mats, (4) if you lay perpendicular on the mat and paddle like hell you can spin yourself in a really fast circle. This was possibly the most fun I had all week. Down the slide, playing on the floaty mats. Chris Lieto sat by the side of the pool and I considered handing him my business card along with some advice:

It’s called tempo descend, my friend. Long run with a strong finish.

Driving back to the condo, Chris told me he was going to drive Hawaiian. This means that you are in absolutely no hurry to get anywhere. You drive 15 mph because you can. No one honks at you. No one gives you the stink eye. If you tried this in Chicago you’d have some road raged asshole honking incessantly while trying to smoke/eat/text. But here, there is no hurry. What would be the point? Where are you going to go? It’s an island. The road goes in a giant circle. At some point you would end up in the same point without ever turning around.

The rest of the day flew by and before we knew it, the sunset arrived. We had dinner at Kona Brewing Company which we both enjoyed. They also had a porter that tasted like coffee. If you like thick beer with a kick, this is one to try!

Back at the airport. BOO. The line at the airport is always indescribably long and painful. It could be a language barrier (we finally just had to remove ourselves from the line with all the Germans) or it could just be that things run on Hawaiian time. Either way, we’ve never missed a flight out of Kona. They either wait for you or at the very last minute, shoo you in.

Hottie spotting one last report before I leave the island: Jo Lawn at Lava Java, Kate Major at Kona Brewing, Heather Gollnick sitting on our LA flight, Timo Bracht’s bike (I may have been standing behind him but have no idea what he looks like, just know that his bike was in a bag right next to me).

Once again Chris upgraded us to first class for the flight to LA. I could get used to warm nuts! (that sounds really bad doesn’t it) Maybe I slept two hours (but only because I got sucked into watching the worst movie about a museum coming to life after dark). We found a whole new level of stupid at the LA airport. No signs, no directories, just a bunchy of snarly TSA agents that really weren’t in the mood for questions at 4:51 am. Well I wasn’t in the mood to miss my flight! I think we waited into line for 20 minutes to take a shuttle (that never arrived) to another terminal. Thank goodness for iPhone – I pulled up a map and realized the terminal was a 5 minute walk behind us. We’re pretty sure there are still people waiting in line for that shuttle.

Maybe I slept another 2 hours – and arrived home around 1 pm. Of course our luggage took it’s time coming home and decided to hop on another flight. Once we waited for that it was really time to go home.

Home. Walked into the house and it was 59 degrees! Outside, it was about 40. We had some pancakes for breakfast – not knowing what time it is and knowing that breakfast is always a safe bet. A few errands around the house and then I suggested the perfect cure for jet lag:

Let’s go for a ride.

Tights, gloves, balaclava. Welcome back! A 50 degree temperature swing from yesterday. We hopped on our cross bikes and rode over to the Arboretum for a little ride. Some of the trees have already changed (birch, ash) but the maples are holding out. And of course the oaks are always the last to change. So I’ve got time. I might not be around this weekend but I’m thinking in another 2 weeks there will still be some color left.

That brings me to today. In another few hours I’m leaving for Colorado Springs. I’ve gone from warm and humid and will be going up to high, cold and dry. I’ll be traveling with Coach Keith from the IronMoo group and one of my athletes, Colleen (from Seattle). Both should probably carry one of those Starbucks Via packets around just in case. I get surly without my coffee. I’m not sure I will see much of the Springs with the rigorous schedule that has been planned. But if I spot any Olympians, you’ll be the first to know.