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When Triathletes Unite

By August 11, 2007June 5th, 2015No Comments

Nothing is more beautiful than when two triathletes unite for life.

Tonight we attended the wedding of speedy tri couple Liz and Eric. We sat at the runner/triathlete. With all of our VO2 maxes combined I believe you could have powered a small plane. But I will admit that when everyone started sharing their 10K PR’s and they all talked around 32 minutes…..I turned my slow cheek the other way.

We left early because alas tomorrow we have a 126 mile ride to complete. With over 14,000 feet of climbing, one thing is sure – I will not be running a 32 minute 10K any time in the next week. In fact, running 32 minutes after a ride like that will be a challenge for the next few days. When we left the reception, I put my money on the skinny runner chick painting the bathroom floor purple with merlot within the next hour. (I’m still not convinced half the table was old enough to drink but that’s what happens when you – at 32 – are the oldest person at the table along with your elderly – in other words age 33 – husband). Triathletes are very competitive – chugging wine included. Note to triathletes: best to approach drinking like Ironman pacing – ease into it, everything with moderation, stay away from speed for fear of blowing up too soon.

Anyways, here’s what happens when you attend a triathlon wedding. Your table number is an old race number. Our table race number was from USAT Nationals in 2004 (Shreveport) where we all ended up doing relay races through the town fountains at 2 am after daring people to take shots of TriGenix. So tonight, I raise a memory of a shot glass of TriGenix to Liz and Eric – cheers to a long, healthy, beautiful life together.